Invisible Bead Extensions in Santa Cruz CA

Leslie Vasquez, master hair extensionist based in Santa Cruz, CA is certified in the Invisible Bead Extensions®️ hand-tied weft method. She selected this method because it makes extensions truly look like they are coming right from your scalp. This method incorporates a custom rooting and coloring technique that plays a big role in making the wefts invisible. In addition, the cut/blend technique is equally as important in making the wefts blend and move like your natural hair. With IBE®️, every detail is covered so the only thing people will be saying is “Wow, you have beautiful hair!”⁣

Invisible Bead Extensions® was specifically created to solve 3 major problems encountered:

Prevents Damage

to the client’s hair and scalp from tension, over-direction and haphazard installs.

Eliminates Discomfort

due to the contact of beads on the scalp and the common “clamp and crank” beading approach.

Styling Versatility

which means no more exposed beads, bonds, or braids when wearing hair up.

Invisible Bead Extensions®️ not only look beautiful and seamless on the outside but underneath it all it’s just as beautiful! That clean flip up and install mean that your wear and grow out will be just as clean and beautiful. With proper home-care your natural hair will continue to grow and even be healthier than it was before. ⁣
So next time you see a beautiful healthy looking IBE®️ “outside”, know that what’s going on on the inside is just as beautiful! ⁣

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IBE Hair Extensions Home Care Recommendations

Washing & Styling


  • Wash days can be a long haul, you may find yourself adjusting to going 3, 4, even a full week between washing and that is another one of the perks of extensions! They hold their style and look great for days!

  • Brush your hair before showering. Start at the ends and work up to the roots making sure to hold the base of the extensions.

  • Only use sulfate-free shampoos.

  • Do not use purple shampoo on the extensions unless it is very very VERY diluted.

  • Wash and rinse between each weft. Lift up each row while rinsing. Shampoo as many times as it takes to get a good lather. 2 or 3 times may be needed.

  • Do not rub the lengths of your extensions. Instead, simply squeeze the remaining shampoo into them to cleanse any product build-up away.

  • Avoid conditioner along your tracks as this can encourage beads to slip and buildup to occur.

  • Use a wet brush to de-tangle while your conditioner is in. (Between your wefts too).

  • Use a deep conditioner every 3rd or 4th wash day.

  • Use a clarifying shampoo at the roots to cleanse away product build-up when needed. (About once a month)

(You can use a separate sulfate-free shampoo or treatments on your top half if you find what you are using for the extensions is too heavy for your natural hair.)


  • Apply a leave-in conditioner or detangling product before brushing your freshly washed hair.

  • Try not to exceed medium heat while blow-drying. Use a concentration attachment while directing airflow down the strand. Do not blow-dry upside down.

  • Use hair oil or cream through the lengths of your extensions.

  • Avoid products at the root near your tracks (IE: no dry shampoo or root lifter along tracks) as it is hard to shampoo out later on and we don’t want to create buildup.

  • Do not exceed 350 degrees when iron styling.

  • If you would like to let the lengths air dry, at least blow dry the roots of the extensions completely.

  • Brush hair throughout the day.



  • Never go to bed with wet hair.

  • Brush between wefts from roots to ends nightly before bed.

  • Sleep with hair in a low braid or bubble ponytail.


  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

  • Use a silk scrunchie.



It is not recommended to swim with extensions. Risks include matting (irreparable tangling) and discoloration. Blonde extensions will turn peach or orange and it is rarely reversible. If you choose to swim, prep hair by wetting it with clean water and applying a lot of conditioner. Know that you are swimming at your own risk and I cannot guarantee the color or quality of the hair if you swim. This applies to pools, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. Pull your hair up and try to avoid the water as much as you can. Immediately after swimming, rinse extremely well, shampoo, and use a deep conditioner.


Chemical sunscreens WILL discolor your extensions The hair will turn peach or orange if it comes in contact with sunscreen. Avoid the use of spray sunscreens. Pull your hair up and avoid any hair rubbing against your body where sunscreen was applied. The discoloration is irreversible and you will need to replace your extensions. Avobenzone is the main ingredient to avoid. Physical sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are safest. Be careful with self tanners as well!

Salon Maintenance

You will want to come in for a move-up of your extensions every 6-8 weeks. This appointment will take anywhere from 45 minutes – 3 hours depending on how many rows you have! Every so often, we may need to give your extension hair a little trim to clean up natural wear and tear. The lifespan of well-treated extension hair is about 9 months. Color services are charged separately and will lengthen your appointment time by about 2 hours.

Recommended Products

  • Your hairstylist will recommend haircare products for your specific needs

  • Silk/Satin Pillowcase

  • Silk/Satin Scrunchie

  • Bungie Hair Ties for working out (The wrap-around kind with two hooks)

  • Wet Brush


  • If you have more than 1 row, you may find it easier to tie up each row at a time

  • Gently loosen corners of your row once your hair is up to relieve tension

  • If hair covering tracks is sparse or separating from oil, dry shampoos and tinted dry shampoos are a great solution

  • Soft boar bristle brushes are fabulous for spreading the hair evenly to cover the wefts

Golden Rules

Definitely follow all of these guidelines but the following rules are the most important! Brush hair often and in between each row. Sleep with dry hair and in a loose braid. Apply oil on the ends often!