Fiber Hair Extensions

ProHair hair extensions look, move, and feels like natural hair. They are lightweight—so you will never feel “extra weight” in your hair. What’s more, the color never fades, and it is easy to maintain. Unlike human hair extensions, fiber hair extensions offer styling support to your hairstyle.

What are the advantages of fiber hair extensions?

Have the hair you always wanted:

Luxurious Locks: In most cases, regardless of your current hair length, you can have long, beautiful-looking hair in about two hours.

Volume: Extensions will add fullness and styling support to your hairstyle and are virtually undetectable for thinning hair.

Highlights: For clients who have dark hair but want vibrant red or light blonde highlights without the damage and fading of chemical processing.

Avant-Garde: Going to a rave or special event?  Bright colors, sticks, braids, can all be achieved with hair extensions.

Custom-blending: The extension fiber is custom-blended to match your own hair color.

About Our Fiber Hair Extensions Methods:


Discreet: ProHair extensions are virtually undetectable. Plus, you will be able to continue your active lifestyle—swim, shower, shampoo, and style as before.

Style Support: A major benefit of extensions is that they support your style – so that you spend less time getting yourself ready because your hair always looks great.

Lightweight: ProHair is lightweight, and unlike human hair, non-porous, so you will never feel extra weight on your head (especially when wet).


Fill Program: We offer a “Fill Program” where you come in every 4 weeks for a refresher service. With this service, we remove old extensions and replace them with new extensions to help you to continue to look fabulous.

Q & A for Fiber Hair Extensions

Q: How long will fiber extensions last in my hair?
A: On average, extensions can last up to 10-12 weeks, depending on how well you maintain them at home.
Q: Can you treat ProHair extensions the same as your own hair? I.E. shampooing, conditioning, curling, brushing, etc.
A: Hair extensions are a lot of fun and easy to maintain. A complete after-care program will be provided to you at your appointment.
Q: Can you color your hair when wearing ProHair extensions?
A: Yes, hair color has no effect on extensions because the fiber is non-porous. So, you can continue to get your color done with extensions.

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